Why use a Real Estate Agent to Sell your home?

June 1, 2018


8. A real estate agents are knowledgeable about the market in your area and has the resources to accumulate data for recent sales in your neighborhood.


7. A real estate agent has access to the MLS and can market your home across a wide array of data bases instantly available to other agents across your market. This makes your buyer pool even larger.


6. Most buyers are not comfortable with the home owner on the premises when viewing a home. An agent will take care of all the viewings. Always with your permission.


5. A real estate agent with experience can help you pinpoint areas of your home that will need to be taken care of before the first showing.


4. Real estate agents guide you through all the paperwork to list your home.


3. A real estate agent regularly talks to other agents. Word-of-mouth is an extremely effective way of finding buyers.


2. Real estate agents are well versed in the negotiation process.


1. Real estate agents are professionally trained on closings and can help guide you through and can lessen the stress on the seller.  


Remember: Your real estate agent works for you. Making the selling of your home an easier process than trying to navigate on your own!


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